OneAzon is our flagship WordPress plugin, allowing you to add commission-boosting product bundles to your website instantly.

Check out these reviews, testimonials, walkthroughs and features from the latest version of OneAzon.


Here are some more OneAzon reviews on the product from customers:

“Quick report on this new plugin.. It has been active on my site since July 16th. It has had 23 clicks which generated 5 purchases. Generated revenue of $54.68. Compared to my normal tracking code which generated 153 clicks, 2 sales and revenue of $9.99. The new plugin more than doubled the results! It also vastly increased the per purchase amount to $10.94 from $5.00.” – Bill Griggs

“The “Fresh” Amazon affiliate products are of the highest quality. Constant improvements, innovations and excellent support means you stand the best chance of making money as an Amazon affiliate.” – Lorna Langdon

“The OneAzon plug in is a really easy way to add bundles of products to your wordpress site. The auto mode is pretty good depending on the keyword you’re using. It certainly get’s you up and running quickly and then you can go in and edit the settings to fine tune what you offer. The presentation on your wordpress site is very professional and can be customised to create the look you want.” – Andy Day

What is OneAzon?

OneAzon is the first ever plugin that automatically creates commission—boosting bundles for your blog, website or store…

… along with descriptions and reviews, automated product updates, geo—detection, full customization and 90-day cookies…

… making it one of the most powerful Amazon plugins you’ll ever use.

It works in perfect harmony with Amazon to boost your sales like never before.

OneAzon isn’t just another “pretty affiliate site builder” – it’s designed to take your Amazon commissions to the next level.


  • Quick Add Amazon Products – Easily add Amazon products, prices, images and affiliate links to your blog or website.
  • Super Charged Bundles – Combine several related products together and 10x your potential earnings from every link!
  • Automatic Updating – Your products, prices and information will update automatically while you sleep!
  • Fully Responsive Designs – Choose from several high converting layouts.. all fully functional on mobile.
  • Amazon Caching – Beat the recent Amazon API throttling issues with our built in powerful, distributed caching.
  • Intelligent Related Products – Build bundles automatically using Amazons intelligence to find powerful related products.
  • Fully Customisable – Control everything from text, layout, the products, images, links and more!
  • Country Cash Capture – Automatic localisation means that you don’t leak sales when somebody from a different country visits!


“What a great idea! I love how you always figure out new ways to make sites more user friendly as well as more lucrative for webmasters! GREAT plugin!” – Laura Childs

“This brings the “would you like fries with that” concept to Amazon Affiliates. Think about it, whenever you buy something like a laptop for example, you need accessories like a laptop bag or sleeve, maybe a mouse. This makes great sense and I can’t wait to make use of it!” – Shalini Gupta

“This is really awesome plugin. Fast and easy generate a multiproduct post, as a bundle. And , as I just ‘ve seen it for the first time and have been able to use it and get results. Its really extremely newbie friendly. Recommended!” – Piotr Flakowski

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