Fresh Bundle Master v2: My Shameless Plug For This Plugin

If you haven’t already heard, Fresh Bundle Master is one of the best tools you can use (IMHO) to monetize your Amazon product review site and make bigger commissions. By simply installing this plugin on your WordPress site, you can easily create bundles of related products that are highly attractive to your customers.

Fresh Bundle Master Is Crafted By the Same Folks Who Created Fresh Store Builder

The folks at Fresh Store Builder really know their stuff and they are dedicated to creating software and services that help you maximize your Amazon affiliate profits. So what exactly is Fresh Bundle Master and how does it work?

A Cool Way To Offer Multiple Products That Make Sense With the Purchase

Fresh Bundle Master is a powerful WordPress plugin that enables you to get relevant product suggestions and create unlimited product bundles that are sure to appeal to your customers. So whether you have a product review site or a blog attached to your Amazon Affiliate store, you can use Fresh Bundle Master to better monetize your content.

Fresh Bundle Master - admin view of a product bundle

Fresh Bundle Master – admin view of a product bundle

Once this plugin is activated, you have an easy-peasy way to add Amazon product bundles to your posts and pages, like this:

  1. Select your main Amazon product.
  2. Find and select the best related Amazon products.
  3. Customize bundle quantities, style and Call-To-Action.
  4. Create your bundle and publish on your blog or website

When your visitors read your valuable content and see your recommendation, they will also be able to see a small grouping of related products that make sense to buy.

Example: You have created a great post about the latest 2-burner propane camping stove. Well, wouldn’t make sense to show your reader other items that might be needed like a non-stick 2-burner griddle, cooking utensils, a lantern?

Bottom line, with this plugin you are more apt to sell multiple products instead of a single product.

I also like that Fresh Bundle Master is . . .

  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Coded to offer bundle suggestions (which is drawn from Amazon’s ‘items bought together’ data)
  • Designed to auto-update product information
  • Set-up to provide a 90-Day Cookie (Woot!)
  • Responsive and looks good on mobile devices as well as tablets and PCs


For a walk-through on the features and a demo of the plugin, take the time to watch this VIDEO by Carey Baird, founder of Fresh Store Builder and creator of Fresh Bundle Master.


Without a doubt, Fresh Bundle Master is a great piece of software that has made a huge impact in the Amazon affiliate world. Thousands of affiliates have already used this software to get their affiliate business to a whole new level. How about you?       ~ Dee Gallemore

Check out Fresh Bundle Master at the official website here

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