Proof of Earnings with Fresh Store Builder

Showing how much I earn is something I have never been comfortable with. All of the work I do online, the software I create and the services I offer have been about high quality, great service and having a solid long term plan.

A lot of the products and services that pop up in this industry are sensationalist, short lived and often fall short of expectations. They focus more on their own marketing methods and use high pressure tactics to generate more sales, which often includes showing earnings in various ways. I never wanted to be associated with that type of strategy and as such I avoided showing proof of my personal earnings.

However… I have come to understand that many of my members and potential members need some kind of assurance that my products and methods work. This kind of thing can also serve as a motivation when you are doubting yourself and questioning what you are working so hard to achieve.

So I decided recently that I would show a sample of what I earn with Amazon and do it in my personal way, with a strong reference to the hard work that has gone into it.

For me it was harder than it would be for you. I had to write the software, I created many stores that failed, tried many different methods and eventually I found a solid way that worked. Ultimately it all came down to creating high quality websites.. but that is detailed more in my training materials and videos.

This image shows a few of the cheques I received this year (2013) and my Amazon earnings of well over $2000/month. I want to show you this is achievable with hard work, the right methods and the right community.

This is of course no guarantee that you will earn the same, but following my methods and using my software is how I got to this point.

These earnings are what I earn from only, and does not include my earnings from Due to my commitments with my products and services, I do not focus much on creating new stores or updating existing ones, so these earnings are residual from stores setup over the years.

Fresh Store Builder Earnings

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